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2A3 45
10 71A
6B4G 6A3
50 801
6A5 6BQ5/EL84
6CA7/EL34 6L6
7027A 7591
7868 6550/KT88
6V6 12AU7
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12DW7 5751
7247 6DJ8
6267/EF86 6922/7308
6SN7/5692 6SL7/5691
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SND Tube Sales


Michael Marx
105 N. Division St.
Bonne Terre, MO 63628

Ham Call: WB0SND


Special Deals

And New Arrivals

Here are some recent purchases I've made that I will have on special as long as there is good quantity on hand.  So, get 'em while you can!! There will be more soon.

A few new items....details and pictures to follow soon.  I just wanted to quickly get these on the website.
1.  NOS Sylvania manufactured 1L6.  New in white boxes.  Regular Price $59 ea  SALE PRICE:  $35 each   WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!

2.  Hickok 533 Tube Tester.  Also very nice unit restored by Chris Haedt.  Working well and calibrated.  The black covering is off of this case.  It doesn't look terrible, but isn't the greatest.  At least the covering isn't coming off in tatters like many of the Hickok cases.  $450

3.  Sylvania 5U4G tubes WWII vintage in a "bulk pack" (therefore will be white boxed) $75 ea

4. Sylvania 6SN7GT 1940's vintage.  These have the rectangular plates with 2 square holes in the side of the plate.  They are unmarked (no branding) from a bulk pack, but are obviously Sylvania's  These came from a large old military tube collection lot I bought years ago.  I  believe them to be new.  $50 each


If You Use 6L6's Of Any Sort (5881, 7581, 7027A, 6L6G, 6L6GA, 6L6GB, 6L6GC)

Check This Out!!


You can have NEW NOS Philips/ECG (Sylvania) 6L6's for as little as $18 EACH!

$18 Each

$ 40 per Matched Pair

$ 80 per Matched  Quad

Click Here For More Information!

My Charity

I have been involved for quite some time in Dog Rescue with an organization called St. Louis Stray Rescue  For the last several years, Stray Rescue of St. Louis has been helping to save abandoned pets from disease, neglect, and death on the streets.    I have personally adopted 2 of these dogs and they are terrific.  I also provide a temporary home for these dogs until they are adopted into a "forever home".   If you would be so kind to visit their website (click on link above) and donate I (and the doggies) would very much appreciate it. 

The Puppies and I Thank you !!